Greener Pastures Await Tennessee & Seth Green Is Planting the Seeds Via Sprout News

“Seth Green is a United States citizen who suffers from cerebral palsy and has lived with this condition his entire life. Entering into his teenage years Seth began to have seizures which were followed up by depression, panic attacks and other symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Up until 2012 Seth was treating his multiple conditions with an onslaught of pharmaceutical medications.

This is when Seth Green discovered the path of medical marijuana and the healing attributes this incredible plant holds. Since this awakening to the safe natural alternative that medical marijuana offers Seth has become a staple player in the fight to end outdated marijuana prohibition laws in the state of Tennessee. He was picked to testify on behalf of the first MMJ bill introduced in TN back in 2014. Seth Green also testified to the facts about cannabis at the AFSA Conference in Washington, D.C.

Seth is a true green leaf warrior and advocate for people’s rights.”

Read the entire article originally published by Sprout News here.

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