420 Macedonia Interviews Seth Green: “Cannabis Will Bring Countries Out Of Debt”

420 Macedonia contacted me to ask me some more questions about Cannabis in general. It was a pleasure to be on again. Thank you   420 Macedonia: In Macedonia we already have some CBD products available without a prescription, but the real full extract high THC cannabis oil still remains illegal, so the law still [...]

The Ancap Barber Shop Interviews Seth Green: Greener Pastures Tennessee- Bonus

I take the pursuit of cannabis education very seriously. Where I live, cannabis is currently against the law even though it is a life-saving medication. I promote medicinal cannabis by advocating on the steps of our nation’s capital and other places every chance I get. Without cannabis, Seth suffers terribly and will have seizures. He [...]

World Cannabis News Interviews Seth Green: Greener Pastures Tennessee

World Cannabis News had the honor of asking Green these questions, and here is what WCN asked. Being that Nashville is the capital of the world for many things music, do you think it could also become Cannabis City, USA? Seth said " In a way I think that it will be, there are so [...]

Cannabis Health Radio Interviews Seth Green

Seth Green from Tennessee considers himself luckier than many with cerebral palsy; he can walk. He says the 20 different types of medications he was taking as a teenager, after developing multiple sclerosis and scoliosis, messed with his mind. With his use of cannabis, he is off all pain medications and says he now has [...]

Seth Green Hope To Grow Medical Marijuana Support In Tennessee, Especially For Veterans

Green’s position is that Tennessee needs to improve its stance on medical marijuana for people like him, across the state, especially veterans, who suffer every day while having to do something deemed illegal. Because he organizes many Tri-Cities-area rallies for medical marijuana and has testified at the state level, many people get in contact with Green [...]

420 Macedonia Interviews Seth Green Successfully fights with Cerebral Palsy Using The Extract of Cannabis!

"Seth Green started using cannabis when he was in high school, but smoking cannabis is not enough to successfully deal with his condition. He also has tried almost everything to be healthier. He tried his attacks to heal with conventional pharmaceutical drugs for epilepsy, as well as anxiety and depression. Fortunately for the time he himself fell convinced [...]

Russian Magazine Interviews Seth Green A Medical Marijuana Patient

"I was born with a diagnosis of "cerebral palsy" and concomitant diseases - strokes, seizures, anxiety, depression, scoliosis, and early signs of multiple sclerosis. I suffer from panic attacks, uncontrollable muscle spasms and muscle contractions, especially in his right hand. From the age of thirteen I took all the medications that doctors prescribed to me. In total [...]